04/23/18 – Gounder’s Greetings




I think John Malkovich would be perfect as the voice of the Gounder.


  1. Jude

    I agree about John Malkovitch’s voice. There’s something so calm and yet falsely soothing to my ears. Can’t wait to see what the Gounder looks like. Wonder if his looks will fit his persona – his bite being a lot worse than his bark.

  2. War Pig

    Or the voice of Ron Perlman. Grounder should sound a bit like Hellboy, I’d think. Or maybe Perlman as Jabby, and James Earl Jones as Grounder (in his best Thulsa Doom accent). I swear that man’s voice has gotten better with age.

  3. Nomi

    Re the voice discussions: didn’t some characters say that the Gounder is female?

    This strip doesn’t have enough alternative sexes. It seems unlikely all these lifeforms would have only two.

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    Look in Nature just of this planet to see all kinds of reproduction strategies. You still generally need a male and a female unless reproduction is by meiosis and then you get all females and parthenogenesis. Males may become a parasite on the female, or female eat the male, or they can meld into one. Nature can do weird things in our eyes. But being an amateur Evolutionary Biologist I do give a hard look at the aliens and their morphology. But sometimes they are just fanciful and for their cool look. Look at bees and ants for other examples.

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