05/09/18 – Not Philosophical




Tail bounce, Tigger style.


    1. 0z79

      I consider Diogenes of Sinope the only true ancient Greek philosopher, for this reason alone.. and maybe Socrates. He literally lived, breathed and died his philosophy.

      Stuffy professors can kick rocks.

  1. Jude

    I love this in just so many ways! Bikkie and Anesu are my two favourite characters.

    Even though each strip doesn’t have as many panels as before, it’s not really obvious as you pack so much story into each strip AND we now get updates oftener. I read a number of other webcomics but yours consistently puts a smile on my face and so much happens in each strip. Thank you, Chris for all this!

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    It is great to see Bikkie use the kangaroo kick! Double barrel smash. Like Vulcans this purple guy may have organs in different places than our own. Ouch, whatever got clobbered.

    “Bikkie has own way, let others talk, I wham!”

    “Talk after, when I kill you. Corpse agreeable after…”

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