05/14/18 – Blood Talk




Who knew one word could mean so much?


  1. Jude

    Poor Bikkie. I had no idea that monster was SO much larger than Bikkie. Devyat, get busy and equalize this fight. We can’t let some boorish monstrosity who can’t keep any of his three mouths shut to best our hero!

  2. Herandar

    Blood!? Blood blood blood blood blood blood, blo- blood blood. Bloody blood blood blood! Blood blood blood?


    B.D. – Blood blood blood blood. Bloooooood blood!

  3. Schismatism

    Panel 1: BIKKIE: You are indeed a fearsome opponent, but I shall not be daunted!
    Panel 2: TRISTOMA: A brave stance, good sir, but can you dodge my fists overlong?
    Panel 3: BIKKIE: Your girth slows you, brute! Behold, the strength of my legs!
    TRISTOMA: Fie! I shall be feeling that tomorrow!
    Panel 4: BIKKIE: I cannot help but hit such a large target!
    Panel 5: TRISTOMA: Enough! I am late for afternoon tea as it is!
    BIKKIE: Ha ha, a fine trad–OOF!
    Panel 6: TRISTOMA: Now surrender, whilst you yet breathe!
    BIKKIE: Is that you, Madam Rosemary…?

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