06/14/18 – Planet Choan-Is-Awesome




It’s always sweet when new friends find things in common.


    1. Efogoto

      I also hope Choan is lying. 100 acres is only big if you’ve got to mow it yourself. If you’ve got robots to maintain it, why keep it smaller than 1/10 of Central Park?

  1. Night-Gaunt49

    Maybe the rest of the real estate goes over to factories and assemblers to construct ships. Made-to-order-ships of virtually any sort from space drives to color of the interiors can be selected. Maybe using some of the same technology used to construct Stabby? But in a much wider and deeper way.

    I wonder if his planet has sufficient materials to nano-mine? Of course the costs will be in the quadrillions unless such large scale industry has been relegated to a zero sum cost due to the type of self-replicating industrial techniques renders it cost effective. I wonder how much of it is automated and how large is his company?

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