08/01/18 – Apex Speaker’s Power




There are bigger plans for Jabby.


  1. TB

    Snake guy has some kind of power to make people think he’s the real thing. How well does that work when the real thing is standing right there?

    I’m guessing the whole gang is looking at him right now and seeing nothing but snakes.

    1. guy

      It seems to build up over time. Right now the people who have been with him the longest are probably struggling to tell which is real while the others aren’t fooled at all.

  2. monomalo

    Arrrrg! I’ve caught up!
    Thanks Chris, It’s been quite a ride!
    I got referred to Spacetrawler from an article about “completed” webcomics (I guess they were referring to the original arc).
    The change of pace now that I’ve caught up might take some getting used to, but I’m not going to complain!
    Trawl on!

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