9/25/18 – G.O.B. Head




What’s a little blackmail between friends? πŸ™‚ (only funny in a fictional world)


    1. Docard

      Under Anesu’s knee, only partially in view… The first and second frames are from slightly different viewing angles. The “camera” takes a good step back and somewhat to the left between those frames.

      1. andreas

        While this is correct and an astute observation, Vincent G’s original puzzlement still stands, I think.

        Normally Chris’ 3D assisted perspective angles are flawless but unless I’m missing something here they do not seem quite right between frame 1 and 2 – it looks like it is mostly a zoom out rather than a camera shift (judging from the table angles). So Emily should not move as much (well, she might have), the glass shelf certainly should not translate by this much, and it is also difficult to see the background hallway matching up.

        This slightly marrs what would otherwise be choice camerawork and suspense-inducing pacing by the visual director that throws the viewer into the middle of things and keeps them on their toes through frantic camera-turns.

        Luckily most people are not quite as anal about such details as this poster so a retake on this scene would seem like overkill… especially seeing that we’re operating on a shoe-string budget seeing that the secret weapon is rolled out likely to save money on special effects for what would otherwise be a hot space battle πŸ˜‰

          1. Vincent G

            Not being ‘anal’, the point is that such things just jump in my face immediately, I guess my brain is just wired that way. That ruins so many movies…

            But upon closer inspection of the first frame, I now see a little corner of blueish shelf I had not noticed before.

      1. andreas

        Thanks for clearing that up. The images are most impressive!

        I think the slight inaccuracies – which only a few gifted/cursed people like Vincent and myself are likely going to notice – likely arise from repeatedly drawing 2D characters in similar poses while slightly changing 3D perspective.

        Since you are doing all this 3D work in the background – are you interested in ever going full 3D – even with characters? Personally I never thought it could look as good as hand-drawn but recent things like the Dragon Prince at least start to come close…

  1. Peter Rogan

    I’m so disappointed with King. It sounds like he really hit rock bottom after losing Oola. I don’t recognize this broken shell of a mirrghroot any more. He’s become pathetic, reactive, completely without initiative or imagination. A leader so crippled cannot remain in possession of his domain for long; a more-imaginative, less-depressed leader will rise in his place.

    And the first thing that new leader will do is take out Emily with no warning. Since she’s the real power behind the throne and head of security, she’s the one real obstacle. I haven’t discounted that the entire conspiracy has been set up as a distraction to allow an assassin a shot at Emily. It still could work, with unpredictable repercussions.

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