10/3/18 – One Small Job




That’s the trouble with nonsensical logic.


  1. Coyoty

    We want you to host a commentary show on the defeat of Hypock’s war, which will be broadcast to the universe by that telepath lady. You can tell everyone your story, and we’ll call it The Slinten Podcast!

  2. Peter Rogan

    Anesu’s too smart to simply want a bag o’ snakes pummelled. She’s going to make their collective self-image problem a lever. But to move what? And to where? And why do I think this has something to do with the recurring theme of getting past locked doors by invisible means?

  3. andreas

    Throughout the ages there have been conspiracy theorists pointing at a known person or group of people with rather little power – and loudly insisting that behold! these are really snakes, secretly conspiring to infiltrate power at the highest levels.

    The irony, totally lost on them of course, is that all these people were so busy persecuting innocent bystanders that they completely missed the actual snakes infiltrating the highest levels of power, including literal lizards. Classic.

    To boot, the snakes themselves apparently are doing so to escape persecution, yet another worthy twist that I am sure will keep devoted fans spellbound before finally being revealed in Spacetrawler XLII by Anesu’s quarter-eeb grandson, whose reliability as narrator, however, will be endlessly analyzed on the forums of the Slinten podcast.

        1. Jude

          Oh, I prefer both. I read and comment at SSSS (Stand Still Stay Silent). Very enthusiastic commenter there and it’s nice to be able to upvote and ‘talk’ to others there. It’s the nicest group I’ve ever read anywhere on the internet and very helpful with all. Very welcoming and no nastiness or snide comments ever.

  4. TB

    It’s so annoying when one character whispers to another one when they are obviously the only two people in the entire area. The only one they’re keeping information from is me! So, not only are they aware of me here outside the fourth wall, but they are depriving me of critical, need-to-know information! Humph!

    1. Bonker of Things

      Which is highly emphasized by that the “green dude’s” face (how does one refer to the face of the mask the snakes form?) is angled in such way that he is effectively looking into the camera while Anesu whispers.

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