10/4/18 – Bikkie’s Mission




I could VERY much see a kangaroo feeling that being called a “wallaby” would be an insult.


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    Those protruding lower jaws really can jab you if your not careful. Their teeth long. Bikke gets really close here.

    Also Kethuoor seems to not want to understand the conversation. Or he knows better than to listen too closely to two aliens talking…

    Resurrect a “butcher” Megalinia, a 25′ monitor lizard that use to exist in Australia. One of the mega fauna that vanished for confusing causes. Let that be your watch dog.

    Why would this fellow know where the alien fleet is? We’ll find out when they find hm.

  2. Peter Rogan

    I see her hands moving, I’m listening to her talk, but I still can’t figure out Anesu’s trick. I just know there IS one, and it’s a doozy. Next week should prove….. interesting, shall we say. Yes. ‘Interesting.’

    1. Muzhik

      If you want to see some REALLY amazing magical hand work, type this search into the YouTube search bar:

      america’s got talent piff the magic dragon

      (Yes, Piff. As he put it, “You’ve probably heard of my brother … Dave.”

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Peter you have gotten me interested in just what kind of “trick” Anesu is doing and for what reason? Maybe just a means of gaining attention, but it has to be more than that. She is a cagey one. Disarming too.

    As for Bikke smiling. Just think of how disturbed the Joker is when Batman smiles at him. I keep thinking of Bikke covered in someone elses blood when he does that. Or is about to.

  4. Jude

    Anesu really strikes me as a psychopath – a smiling cheerful and sometimes helpful psychopath but still one. I really liked Anesu at the beginning. She and Bikkie were great together and her antics didn’t seem so malicious, just entertaining. But when we look back on everything she did, while she sometimes helped others, it was often to gain their trust or to break the boredom for herself. Anesu only *seems* to be interested in what she can get out of others or from a situation.

    Not all psycopaths are utterly despicable people, ready to murder to get their way. There are varying degrees of psychopathy, possibly influenced by genetics, upbringing and environment. But none are the sort you’d want for a friend. Anesu is up to something and I don’t think it’s good. I’m patient though and curious where Christopher is taking us. Who knows? Maybe her plans do have a noble purpose behind them. I’ll wait to see.

  5. Peter Rogan

    I find Anesu neither psychopathic nor a mere showperson out for attention. She’s looking for a higher purpose, and she’s quite a bit more intelligent than she lets others believe. Cast into the middle of a Galactic coup, she seems perfectly cognizant of the relative forces involved and the personalities behind them. She also had the illusionist’s disease of making people believe other things than the truth, even when it’s not necessary.

    It’s plain she’s leading the Laufian slinten pod along by its (their?) collective low self-esteem. It’s also certain that though she doesn’t share Bikkie’s high-minded ideas about a fair fight, she understands what motivates Bikkie enough to get him to be part of her plan. But what’s her plan? What does she expect the slinten pod to do against its (their?) erstwhile employers?

    I recognize it’s a set-up but the payoff, other than to jerk the rug out from under Myggs, remains mysterious. Unless she believes Myggs is only a catspaw of the REAL instigators of the coup, in which case the tracker should lead her to it/him/her/them.

    But what happens then? Anesu is no Jabby; justice is relative, and harm is a point of view. I suspect she wants to trap Myggs’s secret employer in a devil’s bargain, one where to act unplugs the whole show and exposes its true workings. The ultimate magician’s revenge, after all, is to take their favorite trick or illusion and show the audience How It Was Done. This may be Anesu’s endgame.

    But until she reveals more, we trail in her breadcrumbed wake and try to figure out where she’s going. I only know that whatever it is will be a surprise to everyone– maybe even to Anesu, who will be delighted.

    I can hardly wait for Joyce to figure out the entire plot and be simultaneously outraged and impressed. But she may not figure it out either until the trick is played and the illusion either completed or unmasked. Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy flight.

  6. Night-Gaunt49

    The bumpier, the better. And starting a revolution is relatively easy compared to controlling it. As we have seen in places like Syria. In our own Civil War I the Tsar of Russia at the time told Lincoln he’d like to help out. The King of Siam offered some war elephants too. In both cases he said “no thank you”.

    Adapting such techniques for warfare too has a fine tradition especially by the British in World War 2.

    So I must keep a pealed and beaded eye toward the coming contretemps. Should be quiet the big show.

    There are varying degrees of sociopathy and psychopathy. The former is a lesser to the latter that is greater. Such people do things because they want something from others and are most happy when things are out of control or seem as much while they keep a cool head. Anesu never seemed to me to by psychopathic but now that I think about it some aspects of her personality could be read that way.

    Anesu isn’t a common personality to be sure. Makes her very interesting to see what she will do next.

    Thank you Jude & Peter for the analysis and speculations. Most entertaining to an already entertaining story. Thanx Mr. Baldwin!

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