10/8/18 – Nothing




This is how I lie…. completely ineptly.


  1. Jude

    How I lie too which is why I consider it pointless to lie at all. People are far more understanding and forgiving if you just ‘fess up. Also helps if you’ve established a reputation for being forgiving and understanding yourself.

    Pilot is a good person and a huge contrast to Nogg, even when Nogg means well.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Usually I’m all for decisions being made at the lowest echelon possible. The people in the trenches ought to be able to make their own decisions as where to deploy their weapons for maximum survival.

    But Devyat is anything but low-level. Her powers encompass a control that could — in fact, by the plan, WILL — change the outcome for the better. For her to make the decision who will live, and who will die, only exposes her lack of strategic thinking, as Pilot here demonstrates. Emily needs to keep Devyat on a short leash. Otherwise she’s just another Yuri going off the tracks in an unpredictable direction.

    Devyat may be merciful now, but a few brushes with the consequences of not killing who needs to be killed will shake her conscience out of any firm foundation at all. Guaranteed. The result is Jabby-scale or worse.

    With great power comes the great ability to fuck up in ways you never dreamed were possible.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    They don’t need a fleet, they have Devyat!

    Fleet-to-fleet engagements are big doings locally. Disabling is nicer than turning them into atomic vapor or punching too many holes in their collective bulkheads I would think. Especially if they are nearly equal in most respects. That is where cunning and strategy can win out.

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