10/24/18 – Slinten Suit Plans




When you need a big job done right, go to the best.


  1. andreas

    “And that’s why I have been stealing anything that was nailed down.”

    “To pay for the Slinton pod pods? Aw, that’s so generous of you.”

    “Huh? Whatever gave you that idea?”

    “Wait a minute! Why did you begin stealing before you even knew of …

    Where did she go? And where is the starter tech for my spacecraft?

    And where is my shirt?

    Ah, can’t stay mad at her, such a lovable rogue…”

  2. Peter Rogan

    Anesu says nothing unnecessary, in such a way that you think she’s joking. But she’s as serious as a heart attack.

    Obviously she wants the Laufian slinten pods mobile — but to what end? Migration? Suicide attack? Or something else so nefarious we might laugh at it before we realize how serious it is?

    Getting more popcorn, and I think a refill on my Coke. This movie’s getting interestinger and interestinger.

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