10/31/18 – Good With Bikkie




I suppose disappointment is somewhat universal. I am reminded of this every time I eat cheese in front of the dog and give him none.


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    Hwan showed great control there. Notice how his defenses didn’t kick in with Bikke. Bikke is widening a little as a being and he just didn’t punch his way to an answer. And Hwan is a formidable opponent too. Bikke might have lost over nothing. Bikke is and Hwan have grown here. Very nice. And the fact that Hwan didn’t kill anyone even though he was outnumbered is also a model of restraint.

  2. Peter Rogan

    ‘More human’ or simply ‘more Earthly’? I get the impression there’s a general sad-sack nature to every terrestrial life-form, no matter how proficient in martial arts.

  3. Yang_Tomoe

    Whenever I have a treat; I try to make sure I have treats everyone can share. Otherwise i don’t eat my treat in front of those who have not.

    Just give the puppy something they can eat too!

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