11/22/18 – Anesu Reassures




Ah, poor Devyat. Revealing her telekinesis is getting her pre-recruited already (assuming that’s what Anesu is referring to).

Due to holiday family visiting, I’m not sure when this week’s “journal comic” will be finished/posted. Probably this weekend?


    1. Penguin Steve

      For somebody like Anesu, gracefully accepting their beating or pretending to learn their lesson is just another form of manipulation. The only way to deal with somebody like that, who has not only decided that other people are THINGS to be used but who still considers themselves to be a good person because at least they’re using them properly, or even a victim because other people don’t violate their manipulations enough… is to break them utterly.

    1. TB

      Considering one Kreebrick destroys everything, it kind of makes you wonder what the species has been doing up until now.

      And isn’t taking out a Kreebrick a suicide mission? Or could a real telekinetic do it from a distance?

  1. Scorpinac

    I think the first question King should be asking is, “Is the Secret Society guy actually telling the truth, or just trying to keep a money flow going now that their job is done and they don’t really have a reason to be a society anymore?”

  2. Peter Rogan

    Ah, Anesu! The live grenade tossed in the middle of every party!

    I like her, I do. She lives by the credo of The Woodpecker, Bernard Mickey Wrangle. As do I:

    “I stand for uncertainty, insecurity, surprise, disorder, unlawfulness, bad taste, fun, and things that go boom in the night.”

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Anesu is a live bomb, a joker in a deck that is electrified. She is an embodiment of random disaster with a touch of human irrationality just for the fun of it. Wham, bam, blow it up mam is Anesu whether you like her or not. Very dangerous. Best to send her to your enemies every time. Let her get her destructive yucks out of them benefiting you. And if she survives you have your hands full till the next enemy. So you need to find a place Anesu can be that doesn’t wreck you—too much.

    AS Penguin Steve says, “destroy her utterly”, or eventually lose it all.

    1. Peter Rogan

      And what fun is that? No, even in peacetime Anesu can keep a culture on its toes, anticipating the unexpected, honing their preparation skills. A very valuable component in any society on the verge of stultifying. Which is why she was in a circus.

  4. Night-Gaunt49


    Which sounds kinda fun. In a psycho-ex-girlfriend kinda way.

    Now that you mention it…yes. She is dangerous yet she also wants to be around people. You can never tell when she is serous of if she ever is serious when she does serious things. Unless they have tech for that. So far we haven’t seen it, but doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And all that smiling like a kind of camouflage to hide what she really is thinking about doing–then doing.

    Chaotic evil? She seems that way and yet she isn’t so easily pigeon holed.

    You may want to be friends with her, but that could be dangerous maybe even lethal considering intelligent beings to her aren’t exactly respected by her.

    Anesu is like someone had built a human and either left some stuff out or put them in her brain the wrong way so she comes out not-quite-right. A most fascinating character who I would never want to meet in person. I need to see of Tropes has her listed.

    As a girlfriend to you, you would need to be into extreme sports and ready for anything. Even asleep!

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