12/05/18 – Counting Ships




Ah, as a kid I remember all too well, “come on, mom, just one more level (video game)” or “one more cartoon” etc. I love that as an adult I can say, “just hold your horses, I’m gonna read one more chapter” (even if I don’t, because it is more-after-than-not rude to do so).


  1. Evyl Keith

    Heh, my entire life has been “Just one more chapter” video games not so much, except for ones that have at list a supposed story line…that has become better with each release. 😉 Diablo.

  2. Peter Rogan

    I too fear the damaged or shocked or shaken Devyat, and her comprehension of the galaxy’s evil. She might try to repair it, which is going to make her powerful enemies and drive them to find ways to keep her power from working on them. She may have no choice but to go into hiding, a place even Dmitri can’t find. A tragedy for all ages and sizes.

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