12/10/18 – Stove Baggage




She didn’t have an omelet.


    1. Coyoty

      But where is the oven control? How does it bake or broil?

      We are assuming it’s an Earth stove. We shouldn’t expect it to work like one. Likely someone from off-Earth decided to make a knockoff of Earth stoves and didn’t get all the details right.

      1. Gregg Eshelman

        It’s like the ordinary Earth style salt shakers in the original Star Trek episode with the salt vampire. They tried all kinds of weird shakers then went with the ordinary one so the viewers would instantly recognize it.

        Chris could have drawn some weird alien looking stove but we wouldn’t recognize it as such without one of the characters *telling us* “This is a stove.”

        Instead we see the stove and wonder “What are they doing at Home Depot?” because we can recognize it is a stove before we read pilot telling us she travels with “this stove”.

    1. Meran

      I thought so too! But now we see the real purpose. I’ve wondered for a long time about that design ????

      Is she descended from dragons?? ???????? If so, does she have rudimentary wings or stubs or …. jk

  1. Peter Rogan

    That’s…. some parlor trick. Could be amusing at the right parties.

    Now I dread the time when Pilot will have to slag someone, likely as not to save the Galaxy as keep her species’s secret. Because ow.

  2. Strain Of Thought

    So what is actually happening in the image? Is the stove being superheated to the point that it instantly liquefies? Or is it some kind of other, stranger, liquefying reaction? Is it being disintegrated in the same way blasters set to kill disintegrate people? The amount of mess on the floor seems too small to account for the whole stove being melted, and if the glow from Pilot is actually a fire hot enough to melt the stove that completely, I feel like Devyat would have been horribly burned just by proximity and being splattered with molten metal.

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