12/11/18 – Power Is Amoral




What measures a friendship, really?


  1. Peter Rogan

    With great amorality comes great consequences. The stove, and Pilot’s late friend, aren’t the only things that were vaporized that day. Once you see what happens when you pull the trigger, you change. How you change may not be up to you.

    1. War Pig

      Well said, Peter. The day you have to pull the trigger for the first time when you know it was you, and not “someone in the firefight” that took a life, you are forever changed. You change yet again when you have to go hand-to-hand. Knife work and hand work is not for the young. For close up and personal, you have to release that ruthless, inner demon. That savage, feral beast that lives in each of us – kept by evolution in case of dire emergency. Not pretty.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    The hand of morality is the only thing that can give such a thing as an amoral weapon any morality at all in its use.

    The bigger more destructive they are the harder it is to see in our own minds what it does and on what scale it can do it.

    Nice to see two of them getting along so well.

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