12/12/18 – Not Learning




Which brings up the question: who is more pitiable in this situation, Krep or the teacher.


      1. DSL

        I wonder if Mr. Zorilla wasn’t the first in a long line of Zorillas to NOT be kidnapped, because the aliens who were about to, got the word in time about What Happened All The Other Times. As for Nogg, well …

  1. Docard

    It’s not easy being a teacher, especially on the first day of class when you’re not sure how diverse your classroom’s skill levels are yet. You wonder if you’ll be able to elevate these guys closer to greatness or just get your hours in and collect a paycheck without anybody getting maimed.

  2. Kaidah

    Wouldn’t banking to port cause your bottom to come up and let you fire to starboard? Do the guns merely rotate without traversing up and down? Am I overthinking the technical details of our fantasy romp though outer space?

    I haven’t flown a spaceship before either, so maybe I’m just missing something.

    1. TB

      Frankly, any battle spaceship that can’t fire effectively in ALL directions is dead meat.

      This is the fault of the long-standing SF meme of “2D Space Battles,” which are basically just sea battles without an ocean, and all the big ships maneuvering around in roughly a single plane with up-down orientation.

      In a few SF movies, this is even reflected by heavily-damaged starships “sinking” down below the bottom of the screen.

          1. reynard61

            Yeah, however you might feel about the plot or the characterizations or the “space physics” as presented in the rest of the movie; they actually got that bit pretty much right.

  3. Rikard


    Ahhh! The joy of teaching! An apt likeness of the real thing, indeed.

    Bunching together people of all manner of variety with regards to ability, potential, skill and experience – not to mention intelligence and maturity. What could possibly go wrong?

    best regards,
    Rikard, ex teacher

  4. andreas

    A horse with a goatee and split hooves and excellent teacher makes.

    An actual space battle would be interesting… I have Nogg pegged as a pacifist with strong principles but prone to weak will and panic especially when his crewmembers’ life his own life hangs in the balance.

  5. Peter Rogan

    We send our best and brightest young people to military academies for four years to learn this sort of stuff. And then they graduate to the lowest officer’s rank and spend their careers preparing — if they have the will and the aptitude – for higher and greater commands.

    The centauroid instructor wears no insignia, not even epaulettes. I would sooner believe this is a class on playing “Space Invaders” than it had anything to do with the three-dimensional maneuvering that is space combat.

    In such instances I would blame the principal, or commander. But didn’t Emily set these guys to this task? She’s keeping them out of the way… of what? And why do I think Pierrot is going to find out before anybody else? Except us, of course.

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