12/13/18 – Letting off Steam




It’s always good to remember who in the vicinity might be listening, and who of them it might matter what you’re saying. I mean, if you’re saying bad things, maybe it’d be best if you didn’t say them in general, but if you’re blowing off steam… it can sound awfully bad.


  1. Peter Rogan

    At a science fiction convention some years back, I was at an event where I was in the back, standing with the rest of the overflow, and commented to a friend of mine that I liked C.J. Cherryh’s background for her “Faded Sun” series but that for purposes of a role-playing campaign I was in, I had had to alter some inconvenient elements to make it playable, which I then detailed.

    Then the woman who had been standing two feet in front of us turned around and left the hall. Yes. C.J. herself. I didn’t get a chance to address the irritated look on her face. She had NOT been amused.

    1. meerling

      An online comic I liked, one day changed the main characters appearance rather significantly. I commented that I preferred the previous design since she wasn’t so short.
      Somebody on the forum decided to start arguing with me and telling me I was wrong.
      I tried to explain that our opinions are just our opinions and different people like different things. I liked the original design, and it’s ok if they didn’t. Of course, the artist is the only one who gets to choose what the artist draws. This person just kept attacking me and wouldn’t accept that opinions are opinions and kept telling me I was wrong. I just gave up on the whole comic and stopped reading.
      It was a few weeks later I found out that user was actually the artist.

      Some people just can’t stand other peoples opinions, or criticism.
      As to the Dying Suns setting, I can easily see groups making changes to it for a better campaign for their groups tastes or planned story arc.

      1. @Meerling, I hear you, but it is important to remember that even if a webcartoonist is making money, it’s probably less than they’d earn bagging groceries. So, unless they specifically ask for feedback, they are generally not looking for negative feedback in their comments. It might not seem it from the outside, but it can be SUPER discouraging to hear even slight criticism for an already overworked underpaid isolating self-doubting job. As well, the comments section below a strip is also somewhat of a “public face,” and so most cartoonists are not looking for negative comments.

        I am no exception. I like having this comments section because people can talk about the different aspects and theories about the strip. if someone leaves a negative comment — I might reply quietly, I might just leave it, but I have also sometimes simply deleted them. but it is ALWAYS hard and discouraging.

        It’s easy to say one should have a thicker skin, and I have a fairly thick skin after posting comics online for 22 years and act accordingly, but I can tell you it ALWAYS hurts.

    2. Meran

      I’m sorry she took offense. However, you just changed enough to make a playable game.

      In this day, fanfic is done regardless of the original author’s intent. I understand even that, but she should have risen above that. I don’t see it as harmful. (Unless it’s published as backed by her. ) Heck, GRRM has admitted to ripping off much of Memory of Sorrow and Thorn. Tad Williams gracefully acknowledged that (though -I- wasn’t happy about it!) He didn’t walk away in a huff.

  2. Muzhik

    After growing up with ADHD, I learned to adapt one of its characteristics to my advantage. In short, I found out that it’s AMAZING what you can learn when people think you’re not paying attention.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Too bad she didn’t speak with you instead of just leaving so angry. As if role playing games are like novels or movies or comic books or tv series….

    Yes Emily is losing what good thoughts I had for her. Too much coyote raised human showing through maybe.

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