01/01/19 – Relaxing




I wrote this thinking “it must be hard being the evil bad guy,” and then realized that as much I was writing about the fact that two of my large graphic novel projects seem to be reaching towards their conclusion (“Glens Falls” and “Scuba Story”), and how it’s a tad bit stressful the idea of putting them out into the world (neither will be out for almost a year, granted, but still).

Ah, 2019. I’m ready for you.

Happy New  Years, -Christopher


  1. Muzhik

    @Coyoty, You need to check out a webcomic called “Evil, Inc.” “Evil is more profitable when it’s done legally.”

    And a Happy New Year to you too, Christopher.

    And to all those life forms on a non-Gregorian solar calendar, just remember:

    “It’s the first Occultation of the Primary Lunar Element somewhere.”

  2. Peter Rogan

    Now we see what other dark seeds were planted in darkness to await just such a disaster. Hypock impresses me as a plotter who keeps backup plans in secret until they’re needed. But how and when will they be triggered?

    I think I’ll just sit back and relax and await developments. And have another egg nog while I’m waiting. Oh yes.

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