01/08/19 – The Only Solution




Cedra and I just watched “Rebel Without a Cause,” and I forget how obsessed movie writers were with Freud’s theories back then.


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    Wezzle doesn’t seem hip to the plan. He has to send his legs away to fetch back “help”. A journey of a thousand parsecs begins with his prosthetic robotic steps…nah, that donesn’t work.

  2. TB

    Heh. I immediately flashed on that “Red Dwarf” episode where Kryten tacks an eyeball onto his mechanical hand to make a “hand spider,” and sends it off to find help.

    The ensuing scene with Lister and the Cat in front of the computer terminal was hysterical.

  3. reader

    Awesome, finally something unpredictable.

    Can we have the databanks blow up early while the Legs and Emily are still returning?

    Then feature the Legs as a character of their own for the next season? including a Romance with Bikky?

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    I thought of in the 2nd “Herbert West: Bride of Reanimator” at one point when West is experimenting with parts creates a hand with an eye on it which starts running around getting in the way. One of the few humorous moments in the film.

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