01/09/19 – Rescue Mission




I’m in the middle of a drive to Kansas and back, to pick up artwork for Cedra. Wish me good speed!


  1. Efogoto

    Good speed and safe travels to you , good sir!


    Alas, the Potty-bot. One of the noblest of those who’ve come to light in Spacetrawler (competing with Martina for “Noblest” is a losing gig for anybody), and the best of friends by his attentive servitude. He doesn’t only mean well, he does well – and yet gains no respect for it because of what he is, an existence he can never rise above. I salute you, humble hero.

    It’s not like I’m gonna tattoo of him or anything, though. He’s a potty-bot, after all.

    1. Muzhik

      @War Pig, Dude, it’s Kansas. He’s going to face headwinds no matter which direction he heads. (Full disclosure: I lived in Topeka for a number of years in the ’80s.)

  2. Peter Rogan

    Safe travels, Chris. And watch out for the other guy, who isn’t watching out for you.

    I imagine social relations with a sentient toilet are always going to be awkward, no matter what. And a sleeping berth doesn’t really help that.

  3. watcher

    Trying to understand why the orange alien would be against travelling in “food” particularly delicious smelling food. or maybe he just wants to keep a low profile.

    Surely Emily would not be incompetent and put Chris with someone dangerous?

    Vehicle from hell.

    1. Efogoto

      Potty-bot has been upgraded to the privacy model … not that he understands why anyone would want privacy for a function everybody does multiple times a day … with what looks to be plush velour seats. Comfy.

  4. D Valyo

    PottyBot is closer than we think. “Kohler’s Numi 2.0 “intelligent” toilet will listen when you talk to it… built-in surround speakers and LED mood lighting—to the bathroom. Do you need a toilet that listens? … Kohler has also put Alexa, as well as Google Assistant, in a line of bathroom mirrors and sells a voice-command faucet for kitchen sinks; it envisions a world in which you can chat with all of your fixtures. ” From Wired.

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