01/28/19 – The Law






  1. Peter Rogan

    Less “Fifth Element” and more “Unbreakable,” I would think.

    I look forward to how Joyce applies her new negotiating skills in this environment. I imagine it will be exhilarating at the very least.

  2. 0z79

    She knows she could easily overpower just about anyone, but would rather negotiate because they *will* get hurt, and she’ll have to feel bad about it.

    That’s the way it reads to me. :p

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    He is cocky only because he doesn’t have an idea of what Joyce is now or what those slim arms and delicate hands can do to him much less the bulkhead of his ship.

    I was thinking of Major Steve Dallas’s way of “negotiating” with a blaster. Joyce is more subtle and elegant.

    With that kind of power she can afford to be understanding and calm.

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