01/29/19 – List of Strengths




January passing like frozen buried decomposing leaves.


  1. Peter Rogan

    See, this is what in diplomacy is called a ‘full and frank exchange of positions.’ Joyce will need to pick up her game here, as I’m sure she will.

    Rats, out of popcorn again. Save my seat!

  2. andreas

    Ok, I’m calling it.

    Bikkie takes up the fight but loses in the 10th round. Existential questions. Hwan takes up the baton, beats 9 tentacles, but eventually loses against the 10th.

    Anesu is too busy stealing Hyock’s stuff to bother entering the fight.

    Slightly embarrassingly for this installment’s crew, Dimitri has to intervene to best Hypock. Through seduction. His poor daughter will never hear the end of it…

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    As I recall, she can’t be hurt by that. Though she can be cold cocked it seems. if my fading memory is correct. I’ll find out tomorrow if she has a glass jaw or not.

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