01/31/19 – Too Dumb




I had written the cuffs into the script, and when I remembered all her tentacles I almost cut it, then thought it was pretty funny.


  1. Nomi

    Chris is always careful to draw Hypock wearing that rigged scarf that [I’m blanking on the name of the character, it’s the slick multi-franchising mechanic with gills and a bullet-like head] gave her. When is it going to trigger a plot point? (rhetorical question)

  2. Muzhik

    But … But … She was just about to start monologuing! You can’t shoot a villain at the beginning of a monologue! It’s unvillainous! How else are we supposed to know the extent of their evil plan? Huh? Oh, sure, you could have exposition by the author, but where’s the fun in that? Besides, that wreaks havoc with the fourth wall.

    No, no, sir! I must insist that the story be rolled back a few frames to allow Hypock to overcome Wezzel and complete her monologue before continuing. Besides, that will allow Joyce time to regain consciousness and overcome the villainous Hypock in her plans to take over the galaxy. (Hypock’s plans, not Joyce’s. Joyce doesn’t have any evil plans to take over the galaxy. That we know of anyway,)

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