02/04/19 – A Good Deed




Ugh. Really sick. But it’s inked, and with flat colors on the characters. It only took two naps. Will finish coloring and shading over the next couple of days as I recover.

[finished and updated! Here is the old “not finished” version]


      1. Evyl Keith

        Coyoty, I am glad I was at the end of that cup of coffee and it had cooled a bit. Coffee lavages of the sinuses is not fun. Though it does put the caffeine into the caffeine stream more quickly.

  1. Peter Rogan

    Looks like my kitchen. I mean, after it’s cleaned.

    Anesu and her concept of “good” will keep me up tonight, I’m sure.

    Now get some rest. Or I’ll send you my list of medications to give you an idea of what awaits the terminally busy.

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