02/19/19 – Fire




I promise, today is the last day of this gag. πŸ™‚


  1. Coyoty

    “I give up!”
    “I accept your surrender.”
    “What? NO! I wasn’t talking to you!”
    “I told you I was still on the line waiting for you to negotiate.”
    “That wasn’t negotiating!”

  2. Nomi

    Reminds me of the very first Spacetrawler scene, where all the GOB ships at a certain port were reprogrammed to make fart noises instead of taking off. Ol’ Chris likes his slapstick.

    1. andreas

      Oh, I’m certain that whoever designed this control panel wrote a manual that would send users to the looney bin or the galactic equivalent thereof:

      Section 213*?.?2: Fire
      Before starting a fire, the user, henceforth referred to as twisted firestarter, is tasked to familiarize themselves with the ethymological, metaphysical, and socio-historic aspects of oxygenation and/or unilateral termination of contractual obligations. For emergency firing of clay pots, the twisted firestarter is refered to the supplement indexed in the appendix appended to the supplemented index.

    1. Muzhik

      Aw, you can string the joke along for another day or two without alienating everybody

      Dude, they’re all aliens! It’s ALL alienating; the entire series is about aliens. And kangaroos.

  3. Randall R. Besch

    Wasn’t there something about the context module installation for the control system verbal command center?

    It’s sensitive, be sure to speak precisely what you want.

    Why don’t people tell me these things….

  4. Pedrocelli

    I’m with Craig – we want more! Just how far can you run this gag, I wonder? I’ve been reading Spacetrawler from the beginning and absolutely loving it but the last two days have got ot be the funniest yet! I’m still chortling . . .

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