02/20/19 – Choice




Re-watched “Laputa/Castle In The Sky” Monday night. Miyazaki still honing his skill, and yet already in full force. Brilliant.


  1. Laputa is quite lovely. I watched it years ago and then watched it again last year and realized I forgot almost all of it so it was very much like watching it for the first time.

    I simply loved the air pirates and you can see the heavy influences from the manga of Nausicaa in play especially in the morals, horrors of war, and the relationship to nature.

    I would suggest Porco Rosso as a change of gears for your next Miyazaki.

      1. TB

        What’s great about the Miyazaki discs I own is that they have the dubbed version, with subtitles for hard of hearing, and the Japanese version, with subtitled English translations, for purists.

        The fun part is, the dialogue isn’t actually the same. The English dubbing requires at least some alterations to match lip motions, and it’s amazing they do as well as they do. For a good time, switch to the English dub, and turn on the Japanese English translation subtitles, and compare what the characters say in English to what they said in Japanese.

        I sometimes get foreign movies on Netflix or Prime where they’ve done this by accident.

        1. EN

          Oh, I’ve done this too!! A particular difference I like: The dubbed version of Porco Rosso has a moment where a character mentions something about “back home in Illinois” while the subtitles say something like “my mama in Texas”. I saw that years ago with my sister and we’ll still joke about it from time to time.

      2. Gregg Eshelman

        When the ovoidal robots began falling from the city, my first thought was “Ah, they’re eggdrop bots.” Anyone who’s ever used IRC should have at least heard of the eggdrop bot.

        I also noticed in the English dub how they were always very careful to put the emphasis on the first syllable of Laputa and chunk it up as Lap-u-ta rather than having the emphasis on the second syllable an pronouncing it La-pu-ta. (Ask someone who knows Spanish.)

    1. tim

      The *only* problem I have with Laputa is I find it overlong. But I love how the Air Pirates first come on the scene, portrayed as villains, and eventually they become heroes – and without really changing who and what they are.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Oh, Emily. You could have trusted Devyat’s instincts and let her do what she does so naturally. She very much wants to be a force of good, and didn’t need prodding.

    Now the Galaxy will wonder who it really was that Saved the Day and even in the best of circumstances, it’s Devyat’s death sentence. Somebody’s gonna find out. Or blab. Or make a lucky right guess. And then the mob will appear and darkness will fall again.

    Couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you, Emily?

  3. Nomi

    So the putative hero is a being with one eye? Lets Devyat off the hook.

    Seriously, though, I’m kinda confused what’s happening now. Everyone seems to be playing everyone else and I can’t figure out what they really know.

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