03/11/19 – Funny




It’s Anesu! What could go wrong?


    1. Nezumi

      Knowing about the tracker wouldn’t be enough, though, would it? Unless they could extrapolate flight path. They’d have to get there unnoticed, before anyone else, to coordinates only Jansler could possibly know under normal conditions… unless they managed to get into the Nonpartisan’s place.

      Okay, yeah, it’s Choan.

    1. Finn Kenyon

      I understand how it happens, but it is still beautiful to me that I am replying to a comment that claims to have been written in 2 and a half hours according to my computer. Also, I love those expressions.

  1. andreas

    “Seriously, Anesu, what did you do with the literal boatload of money?”
    “I spent a lot of it on rockets to turn impersonating snakes into the galactic equivalent of Nick the Human Cannonball from our circus. (Hah, that firework was glorious to see). The rest I just squandered.”
    [hat tip to George best]

  2. Peter Rogan

    Ohohoho! The venerable triple-cross!

    Unless Anesu is lying and this is part of her scheme to confuse her compatriots and send them on a wild-snake chase.

    Leaving us as well as them to figure out who else might have known about this ship and its cargo.


    Nah. Too unlikely, even for THIS crew.

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