03/11/19 – Funny




It’s Anesu! What could go wrong?


    1. Finn Kenyon

      I understand how it happens, but it is still beautiful to me that I am replying to a comment that claims to have been written in 2 and a half hours according to my computer. Also, I love those expressions.

  1. andreas

    “Seriously, Anesu, what did you do with the literal boatload of money?”
    “I spent a lot of it on rockets to turn impersonating snakes into the galactic equivalent of Nick the Human Cannonball from our circus. (Hah, that firework was glorious to see). The rest I just squandered.”
    [hat tip to George best]

  2. Peter Rogan

    Ohohoho! The venerable triple-cross!

    Unless Anesu is lying and this is part of her scheme to confuse her compatriots and send them on a wild-snake chase.

    Leaving us as well as them to figure out who else might have known about this ship and its cargo.


    Nah. Too unlikely, even for THIS crew.

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