03/12/19 – Anesu’s Big Plan




It’s like volunteering, but easier.


  1. Peter Rogan

    I’ve created brilliant plans designed to be operated by idiots. You would not believe the effort they make to find some way to bollix the whole works and end up worse than they began. Given the essential helplessness of the Laufians, combined with their nasty habit of screwing with other people’s emotions to believe in their pathetic little disguises, I try to think of all the ways this bag of snakes can goof things up and my mind reels with endless scenes of horrific incompetence and impertinent ego-trips. There is no end to the mischief they can do to themselves and to would-be benefactors.

    Come to think of it, this talent for self-aggrandizing incompetence may be the reason no one’s put forth the effort to off the slinten pods once and for all. It’s too much work and they’re too inept even to die when they’re supposed to. Nasty survival trait, that. I expect to see it demonstrated here presently.

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