03/14/19 – Whatevs




Earnest remorse.


    1. watcher

      Yea, like what’s up with that!

      It seriously looks like something a 12 year old would wear after they brought it from an Op shop for a dressup?

      Peacock tail? but all plain pink. Awful striped leggins? what gives?

  1. TB

    Flashed to that scene in “The Castle of Cagliostro” anime where Lupin III and Daisuke Jigen are fleeing a major heist, cackling in a car stuffed to the roof with money.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Well, well. She pulled it off anyway, and gets away clean. Love to see her next act; it ought to be a doozy.

    Saaay, how many Laufians are in a slinten pod, anyway? If we allow five more heads for the right “hand” not seen, this one’s at least twenty-two. Is there a limit? And are they regulated? If so, who has the balls to enforce it? Not a trivial question; some 4.7 billion jet packs are about to be bought and we don’t know how many Laufians or slinten pods that number is supposed to save.

    1. Muzhik

      “… gets away clean”?

      Great. NOW you’ve done it. Whatever happens next is squarely on your head. And on your foot, after stepping in it. And on your hands (however it got there, ewww.)

      Now go put on the Cone of Shame.

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