10/12/16 Anesu Mutwa




Fourth of the new characters! Anesu, you trickster! Leave poor Nogg alone. 🙂

Finished work today and then after some delicious homemade chili, Cedra and I sat around playing music with guitar and banjolele. Life is feeling good.


  1. @Laura, I would love to. Right now I’m getting used to my new process, and it’s still a VERY LONG ONE. But if I do, I’ll have to lessen the freelance I take in, so I’d probably have to put a monthly goal on my Patreon to compensate. But I’m just not sure if I’m capable of it yet, so don’t want to make false promises. So, yes. I’m considering it, but am not mentally/physically there yet.

  2. Nomi

    OK, she’s definitely my favorite character.
    I really liked, when you introduced the original crew in Spacetrawler, how you used brackets and asterisks to tell us what languages were being spoken. Any chance you could do that again? I had no idea folks had been speaking Zulu until the slapping began.

  3. @TB, huh, I don’t know that I knew about Anansi. An interesting folktale character. I wonder if the two names are related.

    I always spend some times with names, especially from foreign countries. And tend to pick ones which aren’t TOO hard on the english tongue, and which have been popular in recent decades so that people from-or-familiar with the countries I choose will say “oh, yeah, I know like 17 people with that name.”

  4. @Seymour, thanks! Thought I’d fixed that. Fixed now. Yeah, there was some mess-up with the update, surely user (me) error. Originally I somehow updated it to go up in pre-posted to August, and it had the wrong title (which is why the URL says “bikkie.” Not one of my finer moments. 🙂

  5. Muzhik

    Well, of all the human characters so far (in both old and new versions), she’s the only one who was asked ahead of time who willfully joined. All the others joined only after they had been shanghaied. (Bikkie, not being human, doesn’t count.)

    All the SF stories talk about uplifting apes and chimps, and maybe raccoons. Why does no one plead for the uplift of ‘roos?

  6. Night-Gaunt49

    I have no uplifted kangaroos, but sapient ones from alternate Earths in my stories,Muzhik. One really good candidate died out rather mysteriously on Australia about 10,000 years ago. What if they had developed civilization instead?

    1. Muzhik

      “Rather mysteriously”? HA! It’s just proof that the boffins at the Galactic Institute of Unauthorized Research managed to develop workable time travel, and sent Nogg and crew back to bring a sample forward. Ultimately, though, they had to work to prevent a takeover of the Galaxy by evil ‘roo robots!

    2. Muzhik

      Seriously, “Alternative Earth Kangaroos”? Do you have some titles you can bandy about? And dying out 10,000 years ago? That means there were possibly two sapient species on the planet at the same time. (I mean besides the previous Homo-branch relatives, where one species is related to Homo Erectus and the other is marsupial-based.) Is there any evidence of Neanderthal or Peking Man or other early pre-Homo Sapiens humanoids living in Australia before the arrival of the aborijin … abbarigin … aboriginn … before the non-Australian-native invasions?

      Maybe they were wiped out by the asteroid/meteor ocean impacts that gave rise to Noah and all the other stories worldwide about major floods wiping out peoples. Inquiring minds, SF Writers, and conspiracy theorists want to know!

  7. KO

    Oh, she has GOT to mix it up with Bikkie later on. I’m sure that ‘roo could mix it up well with anyone else on the ship, but having Anesu flummox Bikkie would make for several updates of great fun. 😀

  8. Night-Gaunt49

    If humans did the genocidal wipe out it would be the Aborigines who came to Australia from what is Indonesia now. Who supposedly came between 80,000 – 120,000 years ago (as they claim) though they have been there a long time and may have contributed to the killing of all the mega fauna.

    So I played with that idea since it hadn’t been used that I can see. Amazing how human they seem once you get past the communications problem. In some alternates they only live on Australia and keep humans out to those where humans are little more than hairless chimps and they rule supreme.

    Here the characters are already shaping up to make it one rollicking ride.

    1. Muzhik

      You might enjoy “Alternative GenHist” (http://miriamhakedosha.blogspot.com/). This person compiles all sorts of research, such as determining when the Aborigines really did arrive by comparing specific strands of DNA of modern Aborigines, and comparing them with DNA from southern India, etc. He’s also got some interesting info about the inland sea that inundated Australia not so long ago (geologically speaking).

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