03/21/19 – What Makes Family




I remember seeing the movie “Saved!” in 2004, and it was possibly the first movie I could recall which really emphasized that there IS biological/formative family, but there is also your CHOSEN family. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel concrete about the concepts, but I will always ponder them, and will alway notice (without judgement) choices made by others in this regard.


  1. War Pig

    Men who have served together in combat are family, usually closer than biological sisters or brothers. I would assume that is also true of others who have jointly survived traumatic events where each depended on the other to live. There are men with whom I am so close that I would step between them and a bullet even today. I am sure the same is true for them. To some men I owe my life, my fortune and my sacred honor and they owe me in return. We call each other Brothers for very good reason. Our DNA might not match, but our souls are intertwined. We may not speak for over a year, but a call is all it takes to move us to action in support of our brothers-in-arms.

    Hard to explain, but quite true.

  2. Peter Rogan

    One of the defining if contradictory rules of ‘family’ is that they, and you, don’t have a choice being that way. Warpig’s example only reinforces this rule. It’s what we do with family — or how we flee from them — that matters. If it matters at all.

  3. Gyffes

    I’m the oldest of 7 siblings. Only one is full-blood, and she’s the one I have absolutely ZERO connection with. We not only have nothing in common, what I know of her engenders distaste, disinterest, and dislike.

    I love my other siblings, but I am far closer to the family I’ve made over the years.

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