05/14/19 – Love’s Mantle




He may not be in love with you, Wezzle, but I am.


  1. Coyoty

    “While you’re awake, then?”

    “I’m afraid you’ll kiss like Zoidberg.”

    “I don’t know what a Zoidberg is or how it kisses.”

    “He’s a cartoon character who kisses by glompfing someone’s entire head.”

    “…That’s a ‘no’, then…”

    1. He’s just there for mental rest really, which will be mentioned in tomorrow’s strip. Why he’s in full hospital garb, eh, I’m not sure. Maybe that makes no sense, it certainly serves no purpose except to say “he’s in the med ward!”. :-/

        1. Bonker of Things

          Swedish meatballs are known universally as the cheap crap IKEA peddles, which is not the real deal. The ironical part is that they have been so successful that it’s what you’ll get in Sweden too nowadays, unless you’re lucky enough to get homemade ones (which rarely happen in today’s stressful world). I highly recommend a semester as an exchange student there, though the locals are difficult to befriend (so don’t expect to try genuine Swedish meatballs, it’ll take a full PhD to find someone to cook for you).

  2. Nova

    Seeing Mauricio again reminds me of something that worries me. Could Mauricio just say to Jabby, “Hey Jabby, make me not care about having you any more” and then Jabby obediently pumps in a cocktail of neurochemicals that do indeed make him not care about it anymore? The possibility is unsettling to me.

  3. Randall R. Besch

    I am surprised to see him sans body hair. The last time we saw him he did have some. It makes him look like someone with a fatal disease.

    When I was deathly ill once hair fell out. But not all of it and it came back. Maybe Jabby is shutting down. Can Mauricio survive with Jabby not working?

  4. Peter Rogan


    Thinking about Wezzle kissing anybody made me try to visualize her mouth parts again. And how they worked, together and singly.

    And I’ve written the definitive orthology of Kafer mouth parts. It didn’t help. Not in the least.


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