05/15/19 – Getting The Pong Out




We’re reading the novel “When Marnie Was There” byJoan G. Robinson, and I learned the word “pong” and loved it.


  1. CBob

    I learned “pong” from “Footrot Flats” collections my dad brought back from an international work trip (he was a scientist, so “business trip” doesn’t feel like the right term) when I was little. It is indeed fun slang, and I enjoy using it when I have the opportunity.

  2. TB

    “Pong” is a British thing. I think I first saw it in some comic by Alan Moore or someone like that.

    I’m hoping you also check out Studio Ghibli’s “When Marnie Was There.” I haven’t read the book yet myself, and I’d be curious how they match up.

      1. TB

        That’s kind of similar to the Ghibli treatment of “Howl’s Moving Castle” compared with the original book. Of course, Miyazaki has to be forgiven for injecting his beloved flying machines into almost everything. They are pretty cool.

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