05/15/19 – Getting The Pong Out




We’re reading the novel “When Marnie Was There” byJoan G. Robinson, and I learned the word “pong” and loved it.


  1. CBob

    I learned “pong” from “Footrot Flats” collections my dad brought back from an international work trip (he was a scientist, so “business trip” doesn’t feel like the right term) when I was little. It is indeed fun slang, and I enjoy using it when I have the opportunity.

  2. TB

    “Pong” is a British thing. I think I first saw it in some comic by Alan Moore or someone like that.

    I’m hoping you also check out Studio Ghibli’s “When Marnie Was There.” I haven’t read the book yet myself, and I’d be curious how they match up.

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