05/16/19 – Brotherhood




Good man, Hwan. Good man.


    1. Nova

      The systems driving the arm are probably smarter than the body it’s attached to. And can’t do anything about it.

      “Oh god. He’s making me reach for more cake. Nooo…”

  1. Rikard Höglund

    Why do american hospitalgowns look like that? Why?! It’s a recurring image and joke in so many media over at least a century or so – why that design? Is it some kind of law or something?

    The ones they use over here look more like an overcoat (albeit a white, flimsy overcoat) – one size fits none.

    Also: love the design of the medbay: it looks real. So many scifi tales have the medbay looking like someone dropped an alchemist’s labin a surgical theater and mixed it up with a scrapyard for second-hand prostetcis.

    1. Ardis Meade

      They’re designed to be put on and taken off of patients laying down without making them get up. There’s supposed to be a robe provided to cover the back if the patient is getting up out of bed.

      1. Meran

        Except I’ve ~never been given a “robe”. Ever.

        What I’ve been given instead is another such gown, to be put on “backwards”, as in, tying it in front.

    2. M.A.

      Maybe because when you’re flat on your back in bed it’s easier to get the bedpan under you? That’s the only reason I can figure. They’re totally stupid to walk around in, I do know that.

  2. TB

    So, Mr. Zorilla selected “new robot arm” instead of getting his old one re-attached.

    Feel free to spend some time imagining all the custom systems he picked out to include in the arm.

    1. The Gorram Batguy

      There is only one system. Cake dispenser. It bakes the cakes too though, inside, and outputs slices of cake at will.
      Hey, maybe it metabolizes eaten nutrients to produce the cake. It takes the excess sugars and fats out of his bloodstream and enables him to enjoy them all over again!

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