05/20/19 – Devyat’s Negotiator




Dimitri is unimpressed.


  1. Jude

    My, what a lovely bevy of committee members gathered here. The one sitting on the right of Pilot made me smile. If he ever had a cold and needed to blow his nose, would that mean he was blowing his own horn?

  2. Leinglo

    Honestly, after Devyat gets rid of this new Kreebrick (if it does exist), it might be better for her if she *does* get clamped. We all know how running cheats or god mode can ruin a game. Well, Eeb telekinesis is basically running god mode for *reality*.

  3. Rikard

    Gotta love the logic when people in Power decide to remove Power from others.

    “So, you have this ability which we lack and it makes you powerful? And ypu haven’t used it for nefarious or unjustly selfish means and ends? Well, that’s not on is it? It’ll have to go. For Peace/the Children/balance/whatever rationalisation we can come up with.”

    Removing Power from someone who abuses it is one thing, but Before it’s been abused? Ooooh, that’s … typical, really.

    What, me cynical?

  4. pastordan

    Holy continuity error! In panels one and six, coral-colored fang guy is at the end of the table nearest the presider, but in panel five, turquoise skeptical dude is at the corner, and coral-colored fang guy appears to be absent.

    Also, Dmitri is never impressed.

  5. @PastorDan, I see what you’re saying, but they ARE all there. You can see it’s the suit (and feet) of coral fang alien, and you can see just the tiniest bit of some of his/her coral face/ear stuff. It’s just that with seeing so little of her/his head it looks like Turquoise’s head is on Coral’s body.

  6. Night-Gaunt49

    Well aren’t they ready to change the law in order to get their way. I am all for Devyat crushing them with her telekinetic power for corruption of purpose. And as for saving the Universe that should make her untouchable for life concerning clamping.

    I don’t like these guys at all. In fact they have their little portion and they will do anything to jack anyone else over to keep it.

    I say arrest them for treachery and get two more.

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