06/05/19 – Seventeen Cutting Tools





  1. Coyoty

    Oh, so she fires her melter like a torch, not vomit, which it looked like the first time. That makes it much easier to aim up and not fall back down on them and melt them.

  2. TB

    You’d think someone would have gotten suspicious by now when people are constantly walking into a room and catching Pilot eating S’Mores.

    “Seventeen cutting tools later…” Anybody think it’s taking an amazingly long time for the bad guys to successfully restrain Devyat in a small, circular room? I’m kind of sorry I’m missing that scene, but it’s probably best in imagination.

  3. Meran

    Ah. I see. And I followed the link and saw my comment there… no idea why I didn’t remember it at all. (The last 2 yrs have been an emotional roller coaster.)

    But I still don’t see a biological advantage. (Yes, I know this is fiction, and imaginary. Still, Chris usually has some sort of logic behind things….)

  4. russell styles

    I’m thinking that for a rescue on which the fate of the entire galaxy rides, the response has been remarkably slow and weak.

    This was an official vote, the Ites should be gone by now.

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