06/06/19 – The Clamping





  1. Seymour Joseph

    Unless I missed a stitch, I remember Emily being the law at the GOB. I’ve been waiting for her to ride in with the cavalry through this entire scene…

    1. watcher

      Yes, I had to wonder why Joyce did not bend the bars with her Cybernetic enhancements… Then I see the steel heating up.

      Also amazed that Pilot manages to shoot everyone but the guy putting the clamp on. Considering that she just shot 4 others, why not a fifth.

        1. TB

          I’m assuming it’s a stun setting. The nice thing about that is you can shoot good guys along with bad guys, and sort them out later. Assuming the good guys are small enough to carry, of course…

          In this case, once they get past the furries, a conscious Devyat is going to be a lot more useful in an escape than a stunned one.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Pretty tough bars, and not steel, if Joyce could neither bend nor melt them, as she did her daughter’s coffee table.

    Personally, I’d floom the whole lot of them, but that would be telling. As it stands, all Devyat, Pilot and Joyce have to deal with is the Laun Ranger.

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