06/10/19 – Awkward To Mention




Which is why having a conflict-of-interest is a tricky road to navigate.


  1. andreas

    Judging from the mode of transportation of the messenger as shown in the first panel, Devyat likely has a comfortable lead over Emily with our without her father’s “help”…

  2. Peter Rogan

    Dmitri’s inebriation bothers me. No– it shakes me. This is something like seeing a rainbow upside-down, a thing that absolutely should not exist, and pondering its cause and origins only leads to existential despair. Dmitri’s been expecting a different tragic outcome for at least one bottle, but what that was, what it could imply, where it could lead him, Devyat, and the Galaxy — these are things not visible and possibly beyond any explanation. For the love of Drak-Sim, what is happening to Dmitri??

    1. Coyoty

      Upside-down rainbows do exist as part of double rainbows, with the top rainbow being the inverse of the lower. There’s also a single rainbow type called circumzenithal arcs, but those are really the lower parts of halos made by ice crystals.

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