06/19/19 – Pierrot Returns




Relationships can be HARD. Keep learning. Keep trying. Keep thinking about your partner’s feelings.


  1. Rikard

    Nah, relationships are easy. Is’s like fishing, or riding a bike, or chopping wood.

    At first there’s a lot of fiddlybits, finding the right spot, using the right hook and bait and such, but when you master it the rewards are delicious. Then it becomes tedious routine, like riding the same bike the same way to the same work every day the gods send your way.

    That’s when you break out the axe and get to the chopping: cut away the dead wood to fan the embers and kindle the flames – and lo! Passion and love springs anew from the flames! (And if you don’t handle your axe correctly, you’ll hurt yourself, and others too.)

    Happy Midsummer’s eve in advance!

    1. Rikard

      Yep, that I did and that Ido, my good man, woman or other! What I challenge is the word “HARD”. It’s not hard.

      It takes overthinking things, and reading books on relationships, and asking selfproclaimed experts and counselors and other charlatans to make it hard.

      The answer and the method lies within, not without.

  2. Anarcissie

    Being alive at all requires work. If the work is difficult enough, it may supply the necessary energy to keep relationships alive as a sort of byproduct, and one needn’t deliberately work on them to keep them going. Think of the many couples, families, groups, parties, who stick together in hard times and then, when the war is won or the promised land reached or the great day dawns, fall apart.

    Of course the relationship can provide its own hard time.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    For some people even if it is a good cause can get very hurt at loss of trust. Your spouse is CIA but you don’t tell them because it is against protocols may still divorce you for breech of trust. It is unfair but that is how humans tend to be.

    WE get an illustration of it today. And a fine one it is.

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