06/20/19 – Pierrot Leaves




Drawing this made me really sad. I love both of these two nutters so much, but I think it’s important for BOTH of their growths as people.


  1. Nomi

    That reverse pottybot diaper thingy on Em-J is really distracting and I don’t get how it works. With the original pottybot, didn’t an organism excrete into the mask/nose-like end of the tube, and the waste material went into the robot body to be processed? Now Em-J appears to be wearing the body, and the proboscis-y thing seems to wave around independently. Do the baby’s wastes come out that tube, and if so when and why? If not, why is the tube even there? Rule of Funny?

    1. @Nomi, MOSTLY rule of funny. Diaper-bot is designed to take in bodily wastes from inside of itself, of course, but…. theoretically if anyone else had to pee it could help with that too. But plus, it can be useful to have at least one appendage to do things like fold napkins or set out flatware, so it doubles as that too. So glad you asked! 😉

  2. russell styles

    You know, if I created a well funded study group to decide which foods I least wanted a potty bot to create, I would be hard pressed to “improve” on those two.

  3. Peter Rogan

    Trust is like fine china — easily cracked and not ever well-mended. Pierrot has good reason to not trust Emily, who didn’t trust Pierrot with the real reason for his kidnapping. She’s lost sight of what held them together, and doesn’t know how to find it. Reason the second for leaving.

  4. Dave Stell

    I’m sure it’s already written, but I still hold out hope (despite your note below the strip) that they will talk it out and Em finds the courage to admit her weakness and ask for forgiveness. People give up on relationships way to easy. Staying together is harder, but rewarding in the end. Things can get better, if you try and are willing to endure the pain to get there. We all change as we grow. And as change is inevitable, shouldn’t we aspire to help each other through these times, and accept each other, rather than quit when it’s too hard? Forgiveness is key to life and any relationship.

      1. Dave Stell

        Oh, I’m encouraged by today’s strip. Based on many past plot devices, I feel confident all of this is a ruse and they are now meeting up somewhere and restarting, away from the public eye (Em’s high-profile job).
        Yup, and if that’s not the case, don’t ever write about them again so I can hold onto my version of how that couple ended up…

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