07/15/19 – Safe Beds





  1. how i miss my old curfew.

    that was the time when it was safest to take a larger amount of space-hallucinogens. we’d put on headphones and listen to the latest neo-galactic electronica, soon blissfully unaware we were singing along to completely instrumental music at the top of our lungs.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Well-planned exit. Now if Devyat can only survive the hunt for the dead Kreebrick, and then the search for her personally. I hope she’s got a good hidey-hole planned; she’s going to need it.

    Especially if they find more Kreebricks, already hatched and feeding. THAT might change some perceptions. At the cost of a few inhabited systems, of course.

  3. russell styles

    This handles the problem nicely. Assuming no one destroys either device. There should be three, any two being enough to do the job.

    Not having god like powers, I can’t imagine the temptation involved.

  4. russell styles

    The Kreebricks obviously have some sort of inbuilt space drive. If not, than it would take thousands of years to reach the nearest solar system. Problem gone, mostly.

  5. ronald

    I wonder what Yuri’s opinion would be about Devyat voluntarily doing to herself what Martina did to Yuri without asking Yuri’s permission, i.e. violating her mind to drastically reduce her power. And vice versa.

  6. Owen Smith

    I still think this makes no sense. Brain clamping people who have done nothing wrong. It is possible to kill people with your bare hands, but we don’t go round chopping off everyone’s hands to prevent it. This is no different in my view.

    Moving parts in equipment can kill people. Quick let’s ban them all!

    1. @Owen, I think your arguments miss the point here. It’s not like people object to her carrying a rifle around, it’s that they object to her carrying a nuclear weapon around. The last living fully powered Eebs killed billions.

      And also, as a side note, everyone, please, let’s not let this regress into a debate over gun rights on the message board.

  7. ronald

    Really, though, if she’d used a fake brain clamper and kept her full power, who in the audience would know the difference? She clamped herself for her own good, because she knew she might lash out with her full power one day in anger or fear or such and regret it later.

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