09/09/19 – Fight To The Death


  1. War Pig

    And there are just some people who are vastly improved by a good killing. Several criminals should be turned over to Bikkie for practice. Serial killers, door-to-door salespeople who ignore “No Soliciting!” signs, people who send robocalls, etc.

  2. CADirk

    “Ah yes, mr Bollyck.
    Your report tells me you were attacked by a resident of a dark planet called earth?
    Our information indicates that you had a problem with a herbivore marsupial. In our databases it’s even mentioned to be as close to harmless as you can get without tripping over it.
    And now you tell us that a speciment of bipedal cattle from a dark planet is more dangerous, and capable of overpowering an armed, combat trained, harderend, laser resistant, mercyless space pirate.
    You do realise that your reputation as a feared spacefairing race of pirates is severely damaged when it’s made public you are not even capable of dealing with cattle comparable to sheep!”
    (Of course this is when Bikkie finds more debate points to go over and is’t too much in a killing or maiming mood)

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Bikke picked the wrong day to be peaceful with a pirate calling saying he will kill Bikke in battle. Try pulling off some of his appendages, Bikke, and see where that leads…

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