09/05/19 – Generous Bikkie


    1. Efogoto

      I’m sure all relevant governments have done all they can to wring whatever monies are available out of the situation, which must mean that not blowing up the Bollyck sun is a better way to maximize their financial gains than blowing it up would be, in their estimations.

    1. TB

      It does help when a civilization has gotten way too used to versatile stun/kill hand weapons, and have a hard time even imagining a fistfight.

      An Earthling would have shot Bikkie before he got into fist range.

  1. Muzhik

    Oh, and apropos of nothing … I just got reintroduced to a film from about 8 years ago, an animated feature called “Rise of the Guardians”. I finally went and bought a copy of the DVD, because I kept wanting to remember certain segments. Hugh Jackman does the voice of the Easter Bunny, who is a 6ft 1in rabbit that’s very strong and VERY Australian. Upon seeing a sleeping kid with many teeth knocked out and a room filled with hockey sticks and trophies (Bunny is helping the Tooth Fairy — long story) he mutters, “A bit of a Brumby, aren’t we, mate?”

    Oh, and Jude Law is the voice of the villain, Pitch Black (aka the Boogeyman). His voice is soooo smooth and velvety — until it isn’t. Recommended for people looking for magic in the ordinary.

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