10/02/19 – Interim Week: Characters


    1. Kaidah

      And The Order of the Stick. It’s amazing how a well crafted narrative with enjoyable story and relatable characters can be so good with (what was originally) very basic visuals.

  1. Often, when I was making a comic, since the writer lived 2 time zones away and really didn’t understand that not everybody is Sergio Aragones, I would get the next script on the Tuesday before the comic was released on Sunday. More often than I care to count, these were the ones that had new characters that I had to design and draw up, rarely knowing if this one was going to show up later, disappear entirely of suddenly become a pivotal character.

    Often the writer would make that determination based on the character I had created.

  2. War Pig

    Coyoty: I was just notified that XKCD just had a big data reach. Names, passwords, etc. Thankfully, I had not visited it on over a year and the password was old and I never use it anymore.

    Chris: It doesn’t get better as you get older, believe me.

  3. Jude

    “There’s always SOMETHING I forget to do these days.” (Emphasis on something in the sense of singular.) You could be like me, Christopher, and have SOME THINGS you forgot to do. At least, I have SOMETHING I didn’t forget to do, even if it was only to get out of bed and eat. 😀

    P.S. I love the slightly insane expression on your face in panel 2 and the papers flung very your shoulder!

  4. Peter Rogan

    This is why I still run a role-playing game. Every month I must generate the setting, characters, hints of a plot, plus weather and news from the universe still moving around the player-characters. Themes and tensions are longer-term but still need to be maintained like a truck garden if they’re to produce anything. And sometimes the player-characters needed for the plot don’t show up. Keeps me fresh and on my toes. When I don’t feel dope-slapped, that is.

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