03/05/20 – Who Flies The Ship

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, March 5, 2020.




Technology we’re close to having. But…. Siri replies to this question with “I’m not sure I understand.”


  1. Coyoty

    Could you not flaunt your new masculinity, please? You’re scaring the coyote.

    It’s like he’s a new club member and the older members have to endure his rookiness.

    He’s going to behave the way he thinks men behave. “How do you do, fellow males! What male stuff are we doing today?”

    1. TB

      Coyote? What about the kid? I can’t help but note that this kind of behavior in a cis-male might be considered mild harrassment by some people. I suppose you can cut him some slack, but still…

    2. Cbob

      I get the sense I get is that Chiphu is currently feeling legit super relaxed right now. He’s been internally pent up and tangled for so long, having it all completely blipped away in one afternoon must induce a state of relief similar to being high.

      Like, he’s not performatively manspreading here, just puddling out from serotonin overload.

  2. Pete Rogan

    If this is how Chiphu imagined he would be after gender correction, he’s taking it as joyfully and as fully as he should. I have to say I like this Chiphu better than I liked the first one. That bitterness was preying on my soul.

    That said… the woman who made this all possible for you is losing a gunfight outside the ship. What do you think you should do about that?

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