03/09/20 – Emily’s Status

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, March 9, 2020.




Oh no! Her lovely coiffure!


      1. War Pig

        True. I have seen men with bullets in them keep on fighting past when you’d think they should have passed out or died. Captain Christmas was still giving orders even when they were trying to get him on the dustoff, and he refused to get on the huey until the enlisted wounded were on. He was last on that huey at Hue. Pretty much adrenaline high. But when your adrenaline crashes, you crash HARD. Hope they have the needle in the vein and the morphine coming when it does crash.

        Navy Cross and Purple Heart. Heck of a man.

        Men behave differently after a battle. I got the shakes, but only after the battle was over. Several others did, too. That’s when I found out that tobacco (cigarettes) were a blessing. Never smoked until my first big firefight. They do tend to calm your nerves and give you something to do other than think about what you’d just been through. That’s also why GIs get gallows humor. Laugh, or cry uncontrollably.

  1. russell styles

    The lasers seem to have a range of settings. We have seen stun, and explode the target into tiny little bits. Now we have inflict minor burns, and inflict not so minor burns.

  2. Pete Rogan

    I’m having a bad flashback to how Martina looked after a brush with the unclamped but demented Eebs. Never mind the excellent Galactic medical care, War Pig is right about the crash after-action. Some people get more cautious, but from what we know about Emily I think she might go the other way and draw a little faster the next time. Which will kind of blow the whole ‘not-trust-in-guns’ direction she was taking.

    I find myself secretly grateful that at least she has both eyes. Though the other damage is not as visible.

    And my confidence in Chiphu just took a dump. He literally did not lift a finger when Emily crashed in. This is enough to put him on my ‘watch’ list. His personal aims are taking precedence over his humanity, and that’s always a bad sign. (Points fingers at own eyes, points at Chiphu)

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