03/17/20 – Preparing for Possibilities

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, March 17, 2020.




So, I did manage to pull it off. Around midnight (Mountain time) Sunday night. Oh my goodness. I feel human again! Willowweep Manor inking is done! I can write letters! Go for walks! And work on Willowweep Manor colors (just at not-such-an-insane pace). Yay!

Oh, and I can finish drawing and coloring these two strips too. Working on it! A lot of post-deadline messes to clean up!


  1. Rikard

    Oh Ruddock, how true you speak. First solo-hike I ever did, I was scared witless the first two nights camping out – hadn’t seen another human for 48 hours. Then a revelation; the opposite happened. Walking, fishing, making camp, setting snares, cleaning the food, et cetera. Freedom. True freedom to live and die by your wits alone. I can only compare it to relevatory ecstacy.

    1. War Pig

      As long as bears, pumas and undesirable (criminal/insane) humans are not out there with you.

      As a lad, I was afraid of a mean collie dog my paternal grandparent’s farm neighbor owned. I was more afraid of him than I was a bear. Then my grandparents got an oversize gray Weimaraner bitch who had been spayed as she was not fit to breed, being way oversize. The next time the collie trespassed to come down and bully me, Smoky hit him like a bolt of gray thunder. She grabbed him and shook him and whipped his butt all the way to the property line before she let him go. After that he stayed where he belonged.

      It wasn’t until I was in my first big fight in Vietnam that I was that scared again.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Danger shared is danger diluted. With enough people to turn to, or even back up to, we can endure amazing threats and strife. Still…Emily’s loss, even temporary, is stress all by itself. We now understand how people start drinking.

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