03/18/20 – Howwwooooo!

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, March 18, 2020.




Heck, that would make ME want to guzzle one TOO. 🙂


    1. DSL

      Those are merely for our convenience. Also, I’ll guess the translator-macallit speaks and translates “caffienated” as well.

      This may or may not answer a question I had — do users of the translator-macallit hear the speaker in the hearer’s language inside their head while their ears pick up the sound of the speaker in the speaker’s language? Or does it do its Wernicke work by futzing the brain’s interpretation of the auditory signals sent up from Hammer, Anvil and Stirrup LLC? Or was that explained and I forgot?

      1. TB

        In the same way as the translator adjusts for slang, the food machine can work up something that takes the place of “coffee” for a dog.

        It would be interesting to know what that was, although if you’ve ever owned a dog, the idea of feeding it something that would make it more hyper kind of boggles the mind.

        I visualize powering a small home with a chihuahua on a treadmill after feeding it Canine Coffee.

  1. Pete Rogan

    I’ve known cats that would help myself to my coffee. One and all, they liked it. They would sup from the saucer and then, as often as not, simply recline on the table and purr. The caffeine sped up their metabolic rate without their needing to run around the room, and they enjoyed feeling sped up without having to work at it. Interesting creatures, cats.

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