04/01/20 – Deception and Trickery

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, April 1, 2020.




As ready as they’ll ever be, which, if they waited, might not be ever.


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    Okay that cape cum wedding train she has is ridiculous and dangerous to everyone.

    Why couldn’t she go with a short cape instead?

    I’m expecting someone to comment on it in the story. The rest of the characters that is.

  2. Autoskip

    Plot twist: all the restaurant reviews are fake!
    The best restaurant to go to is almost always the one with the second-worst review (the worst one would have been too obvious)

    1. Rikard

      Hate to contrarian but the best restaurant, diner or other eatery is one which is frequented by taxidrivers, truckers, construction workers, and people working nightshifts, and other labourintensive jobs.

      ‘Cause when you’ve been sanitizing an apartment where someone’s been decomposing for four weeks you don’t want quiche – you want a big sturdy Shepard’s pie with a pint of bitter, a bowl of crips, and perhaps fried sodas for desert.

      In my opinion, obviously.

      1. Kaidah

        Exactly. My dad, who was a long distance trucker for many years, once told me that when looking for a good place to eat in a new town look for transports on the road out front or construction vehicles in the parking lot. It won’t be the fanciest place, but the food will not only be good but also reasonably priced.

  3. Pete Rogan

    Oh, ye gods!

    I didn’t come up with the idea, but I DID produce a sourcebook for an interstellar race that habitually lies and defrauds everybody. Everybody not of their species, that is. They were all used to it so the intraspecies trickery was reserved for jokes and other special occasions.

    But I can imagine a place where fraud, deceit, trickery and deception are universal. A place where the Cretan paradox would be just a bad joke not told well. My guts turn to water at the thought of it. Good luck, Christopher. I expect to be frightened to death at the result, which will look so much like Washington DC as to make hearts flutter.

    I think I’m going to need a Bromo made with Dr. Pepper.

    1. Daremonai

      Freefall’s ‘Sam Starfall’ comes from a race kinda like that. Sentient race that evolved from scavengers or something, so completely different worldview when it comes to theft and trickery.

  4. Muzhik

    I learned back in college that if you want good Chinese food, go to the places that the Chinese students frequent. Was most apparent when I lived in Fargo, ND. NDSU has one of the larges facilities for researching wheat growing. Rice and wheat are very close together, so there were a LARGE number of Taiwanese students there. (That’s where I also learned how international American names are: one of the students frequenting the library was named Sung-lee Svenson.)

    In any case, there was the Chinese restaurant frequented by all the students and townspeople, and then there was the one frequented by the Taiwanese. After one visit, that’s the one my girlfriend and I always, ALWAYS went to.

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