06/10/20 – The Authorities

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 10, 2020.




The trouble I have with buying cereal, is that I tend to then at it EVERY SINGLE MEAL. Curse you, raisin bran.


  1. Rikard

    It seems you have a cerealy cereious problem? The solution is obvious! Make your own. A solar- and windpowered dryer is easy enough to build, blueprints and instructions are available on-line. Various dried fruit, honeyroasted cereals, nuts and whatever takes your fancy all chopped up – mmm-mm! Also, the perfect pick-me-up when hiking: low weight and high energy.

    Or do like Atiana: substitute with coffee. Who doesn’t love the grinding teeth of the riktus-grin of the truly dedicated caffeine-addicionado?

  2. meerling

    Obviously us readers have no idea what’s going to happen, but Atiana seems to be a rather smart and resourceful girl. I’m pretty sure that the whole going back to Earth thing will get qualified with a “for now”, as I’m sure she’d like to leave her options over, even if she really isn’t sure what the repercussions are involved here.

    I figure Ruddock will come in next and declare “Space is Scary”. Emily will of course ask him if he wants to go back to Earth, and he’ll reply something along the lines of, “Of course not, I didn’t say anything about going back to Earth”.
    That coyote is just too cool 🙂

  3. DaveM

    Um, the dog-headed aliens have tanks full of that “stuff meant to do bad things to humans.” There are a lot of humans on Earth. C’mon. Ruddock could figure this out.

  4. Muzhik

    And yet, while I approve of honey-flavored-anycereal, no one has seen fit to bring up that bane of college and young adult life:


    (AKA, pouring beer instead of milk on your Cheerios.)

  5. Pete Rogan

    To continue:

    Aitana’s stake in the pursuit of the Puppy-people now discarded in the name of safety and security, that leaves only Ruddock to declare his homesickness and lack of a mate (Oye, Chiphu!) to leave Emily alone on her ship.

    And, therefore, free to go back to Earth herself and resume her inner search for meaning, purpose, and rectitude. Pending complications at GOB, that is.

    Has anybody noticed the calm with which Emily is confronting the future? She has great faith in the authorities, who, one presumes, she had a hand in organizing along her principles of hardened mercy. The closer she gets to GOB, the more ready she seems to become to have this complicated side-trip concluded and to return to her private exercise in damage control. Which is where we picked up her story.

    This speaks volumes to me, but I will keep the damned books shut. And perhaps indulge myself in another box of Milk Duds. Yes. I like this plan.

  6. Speaking for myself, I drink tea because drinking too much coffee eroded my intestinal walls and left me with I.B.S. (which if you don’t care to research about, I can summarize as “permanent diarrhea” and “frequent flatulence” and if I push my dietary boundaries just a BIT too far, “blood in the stool”. Also if it’s been a bad day where I’ve had to “go” 7-10 times… “agonizing pain in the anus”, because it’s not really designed to pass acidic fluid through it THAT often in a single day.)

    Tea typically has about 1/3 of the caffeine, and is much gentler on your digestive tract, vs coffee.
    But hey, kid, drink whatever you want. I’ll save you some ointment.

  7. Radar

    Um, who is she going to live with? Wait, she was all gung ho to chase her parents into space. She’s survived crazy stuff already. I’m surprised she’s going to go home and hope the authorities can handle it. This is missing some emotion if she’s feeling like her search for her parents is over (for her, anyway) she would be pretty broken up.
    Just my thoughts. This doesn’t feel right.

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